About FIDO

Welcome to FIDO, the UK’s simplest lost and found company.

We all know that heart sinking feeling when you realise you have lost one of your valuable items – whether it’s a mobile phone, keys, wallet, camera, or even a teddy bear that holds 5 years of family memories – it is a feeling that makes you sick to the pit of your stomach.

FIDO was established to help address this widespread issue, and simplify the way in which lost property is returned to its owner…

Did you know, that 80% of items that are lost/misplaced are handed in – although 70% of those items never find their way back to their owner for the simple fact that people do not know how to establish who the true owner is…

UseFIDO.com provides a unique code on stickers, tags and cards registered to your email address, so should a good citizen find your item, all they need to do is visit useFIDO.com, enter the code, let you know where they have left the item….and get on with their day…all done with absolutely no personal details exchanged. Keeping your name, address and contact details completely anonymous from any other parties.

When FIDO was developed we had three keywords in mind – simple, simple, simple. A principle, that we strongly believe can bring thousands more items back to their owners.

So whether you commute on public transport, are visiting a festival this year, going on holiday…or are just generally good at losing things – join useFIDO.com to ensure you stand the best chance of getting your items / memories back.

FIDO – The UK’s lost and found company.

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